Run your show on time with Showtimer Showtimer is the stage timer that keeps track of time, while the stagemanager keeps track of the artist. Free of charge and easy to use.
no internet required

Showtimer runs as an offline web app or on your local network.

load timetable

Create a timetable when you have time for it and be free to customize during the show.

edit anywhere

Any client can control Showtimer, so why not use your phone to edit the schedule?

Simple countdown

Set-up a display on-stage, to let the artist time a perfect show. Five minutes before show-end, Showtimer will go in warning mode, to attract more attention from the artist.

Setup timetable

Create a timetable for your show. Just enter the starting time and duration of each artist. Any changeover time is calculated automatically. You can define timetables for multiple dates and plan ahead.

Setup clients

When running Showtimer Server each connected client can be controlled. Disable access to the admin panel for a specific client, or setup a client in backstage mode.

Backstage view

Run the client in backstage mode to show the countdown clock and the upcoming artists with their starting time.